Welcome to Kinkadesign

On this page I draw illustrations of marine organisms with the motto “To make cute and colorful marine life more familiar”.

Marine organisms such as favorite dolphins and whale sharks are a healing system itself in modern society.
And by drawing them colorfully and cute, they gained popularity at exhibition events such as “OSAKA Art & Manufacturing Baal”, “Design Festa”, “Ichimono”.


Originally the information was only sent to the Facebook page, but finally we launched the web page.
From now on, we will continue to disseminate information.

Also, goods etc. will also be on sale on the web so please continue your favors in the future.

Encounter with marine organisms

When I went to Yokohama event (maiden group; lol) when I was a college student, I liked Yokohama, I liked the sea, I thought that I would like to go to Hakkeijima I went to Sea Paradise.

It was the dolphin of “Dolphin Fantasy” that was shocked here.

Dolphins flying in the air
I want to make such a nice space with my own hands (then a beautiful girl)
After trial and error aimed at illustrator from here, I set up “Kinkadesign (present)” mainly to draw illustrations of marine organisms.

About Kinkadesign

“Kinka” is a pen name I name as illustrator, sometimes trainer or hunter (haha).
So it is not connected to marine life almost (sweat)
However, since it was built by myself since I saw the Dolphin Lagoon, I am expressing what “the world of the ocean I draw” without changing this place.

The pen name is “Kinka”, but the inside person is

Currently I am a freelance web creators.
It is 100% Kitamura (as of 2017) of the idea of ​​work “Fascination with color and analysis, web creator who loves ocean”.

As its name is, Around Thirty is my favorite sea (single)

Also, I like the sea in April 2014 and want to see more in the ocean! I got a license for scuba diving for the reason

Currently, mainly 30 in the Kansai area? I am drowning.

I also take pictures of the sea (Arm is a page)

By the way, this is a picture taken on the Echizen coast in September of last year.

I want to be a more familiar presence of sea and marine creatures rather than recording my ocean liking

On this site, Illustrations of marine organisms, introductions of goods and recording of the ocean dive course
And I would like to continue making productions that will make the illustration of marine life more familiar.

In addition, we are also looking for work on illustration of marine life.
Please see the collection of works, please contact us if you are interested in the form below.

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